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Development on Studio on Roblox that develops the game Zenerith, and made it's predecessor Heroes Legacy.

Welcome to Australis. We're a remote studio located all over the world, dedicated on making high quality games players can experience, as well as game-changing open source tools and frameworks.

Founded by Vorlias in 2014.


Game Information

Zenerith is a in development open-world MMO that is built to take full advantage of the Roblox Engine.

It is named for the world it takes place in Zenerith, which the player is thrust into with a huge amount of depth and lore behind it and a lot to explore and discover.

Public Test Build | Twitter

Open Source

In developing our games, we've come up with some open source libraries for Roblox games, primarily written with TypeScript.


Advanced Networking Library for Roblox


Runtime debugging console for Roblox


Structured logging library akin to Serilog


Runtime DSL for Roblox


Drag & Snap library


  1. rbx-net Public

    Advanced multi-language networking framework for Roblox

    TypeScript 89 12

  2. GUI Dragging controller for Roblox (Includes snapping to screen)

    Lua 23 1

  3. roact-dnd Public

    Drag & drop functionality for Roact

    Lua 8 2

  4. zircon Public

    Advanced debugging console for Roblox that uses the Zirconium runtime for commands

    TypeScript 26 7

  5. zirconium Public

    Runtime scripting language for Roblox.

    TypeScript 21 1

  6. rbx-log Public

    Structured logging library for Roblox

    TypeScript 15 2


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