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We develop RobotCode - a Language Server Protocol implementation, debugger, and other tools for Robot Framework

Hi there 👋

Welcome to RobotCodeDev! We are the brains behind RobotCode, a powerful LanguageServer for Robot Framework. Our goal is to supercharge your development experience by enhancing code intelligence, providing instant feedback, and integrating smoothly with popular IDEs like Visual Studio Code.

🌈 How to contribute?

Ready to join the dev party? Here’s how you can plug in:

  • Bug Hunters: Spotted something quirky? Open an issue and tell us where the gremlins are hiding.
  • Code Wizards: Got some magic spells in the form of code? Fork our repo, conjure up your enhancements, and cast a pull request our way.
  • Idea Alchemists: Brew up new features or improvements in our discussions—your brainwaves are gold.
  • Doc Scribes: Help demystify the tech for newcomers by buffing up our docs.

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  1. robotcode robotcode Public

    RobotFramework support for Visual Studio Code

    Python 168 13

  2. robotframework-gherkin-parser robotframework-gherkin-parser Public

    RobotFramework GherkinParser

    Python 15 1

  3. .github .github Public


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