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Tools for extracting data from font binaries into UFO objects.
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UFO Extractor

Tools for extracting data from font binaries into UFO objects.


Import data into a Defcon Font instance:

>>> import extractor
>>> import defcon
>>> ufo = defcon.Font()
>>> extractor.extractUFO("/path/to/MyFont.ttf", ufo)

Supported input formats:

  • CFF or TrueType-flavored OpenType fonts (*.otf, *.ttf)
  • FontTools TTX files (*.ttx)
  • WOFF 1.0/2.0 (*.woff, *.woff2)
  • PostScript Type1 fonts (*.pfa, *.pfb, etc.)


You can install extractor with pip:

$ pip install ufo-extractor

Note that, for historical reasons, the package is listed on the Python Package Index under the name ufo-extractor, to disambiguate it from another package also called "extractor". However, the import name for the package remains extractor, without prefix.

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