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Project Description

The ReDeFer project is a compendium of RDF-aware utilities:

  • RDF2HTML+RDFa: render RDF/XML as HTML, optionally embedding RDFa.
  • This project is now available and maintained separately at redefer-rdf2html
  • RDF2SVG: render a piece of RDF/XML as a SVG showing the corresponding graph.
  • This project is now available and maintained separately at redefer-rdf2svg
  • XSD2OWL: transform an XML Schema into an OWL Ontology.
  • CS2OWL: transform a MPEG-7 Classification Scheme into an OWL Ontology.
  • XML2RDF: transform a piece of XML into RDF.

Versions History

ReDeFer Lite

ReDeFer-Lite is a version of ReDeFer that just includes the RDF2HTML and RDF2SVG services.

ReDeFer Lite 0.6 (Jul 20th, 2010)

Added version of the RDF2HTML transformation without embedding RDFa plus some bug fixes and improvements in both RDF2HTML and RDF2SVG.

ReDeFer Lite 0.5 (Feb 26th, 2010)

This version adds a bunch of common prefixes to RDF2SVG in order to generate more compact and informative curies.

ReDeFer Lite 0.4

This version fixes some bugs and adds new functionality. For RDF2SVG:

Long string literals without spaces that facilitate pagination are now cut at a maximum line length. For RDF2HTML:

In addition to HTML, RDFa is also generated. It has been tested using the RDF and RDFa test suites. More compact output is generated because the input RDF/XML is reserialised as RDF/XML-ABBREV before the XSL transformation is applied.

ReDeFer Lite 0.3

This version fixes some bugs and problems with encoding. It also adds new functionality:

Long string literals are "paginated" to a fixed width in order to get a more compact graph rdfs:labels are used when available in order to make the graph more user-friendly It is possible to filter just the literals and labels for a given language (en, es, it,...) as defined with xml:lang. This is done using the "language" parameter (e.g. ...&language=es). If no language is specified, all available literals and labels are shown URL links that allow browsing from the SVG

ReDeFer Lite 0.2

First public version of ReDeFer Lite.