Credits and history

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This project is based on Libmaple developed by LeafLabs for their Maple and Maple mini products, which used a modified version of the Arduino 0022 IDE. LibMaple is still available on GitHub, and the original Maple IDE is available on the Leaflabs website and via GitHub LibMaple

The initial conversion of LibMaple to comply with the Arduino 1.5 Third party hardware specification was done by Bob Cousins and is available on GitHub as Maple-asp

Further work has subsequently been done my Bob to remove code duplication

Microduino support has been provided by Ian Hawkin

Windows driver installation has been greatly improved by Tim Schuerewegen, and now works on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 without needing to use any special work around's like disabling the device driver signing requirement.

Mattias (@madias) is currently creating a variant for the Nucleo F103RB

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