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Using NFC with micropython
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This repository contains some experiments with NFC readers.

First experiment was to have the MFRC522 working on the PYB board. Next thing is to move it over to the ESP8266.


One of the more mature readers is the NXP MFRC522 Reader. This is a 3.3V reader with UART, I2C and SPI interfaces. The latest silicon v2.0 is in the MFRC52202HN1 chip.

The reader supports:

  • MIFARE Mini,
  • MIFARE 1K,
  • MIFARE 4K,
  • MIFARE Ultralight,
  • MIFARE DESFire EV1 and
  • MIFARE Plus RF identification protocols.

The code uses the PYB module (need to change to machine). Using execfile('') to start the reading, import MFRC522 to add the module to your program.

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