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⛔️ This library is no longer maintained, please consider using the upgraded version HashLibPlus instead.

HashLib4CPP License

HashLib4CPP is a C++11 library that provides an easy to use interface for computing hashes and checksums of strings, files, streams, bytearrays and untyped data to mention but a few. It also supports Incremental Hashing, Cloning and NullDigest.

Supported Algorithms:

Non-Cryptographic 32-bits Hash Algorithms: AP, BKDR, Bernstein, Bernstein1, DEK, DJB, 
ELF, FNV, FNV1a, JS, Jenkins3, Murmur2, MurmurHash3_x86_32, OneAtTime, PJW, RS, 
Rotating, SDBM, ShiftAndXor, SuperFast, XXHash32.

Non-Cryptographic 64-bits Algorithms: FNV, FNV1a, Murmur2_64, SipHash2_4, XXHash64.

Non-Cryptographic 128-bits Algorithms: MurmurHash3_x86_128, MurmurHash3_x64_128. 

Checksum Algorithms: Adler32, All CRC Variants from CRC3 to CRC64. 

Cryptographic Algorithms: GOST, Grindahl, HAS160, Haval, MD2, MD4, MD5, Panama, 
RadioGatun, RIPEMD, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, RIPEMD256, RIPEMD320, SHA0, SHA1, SHA2-224,
SHA2-256, SHA2-384, SHA2-512, SHA2-512-224, SHA2-512-256, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, 
SHA3-512, Keccak-224, Keccak-256, Keccak-384, Keccak-512, Snefru128, Snefru256, Tiger,
Tiger2, WhirlPool, Blake2B, Blake2S, Streebog (GOST3411_2012_256, GOST3411_2012_512).

HMAC for any of the above.

PBKDF2_HMAC for any of the above.

Tested Enviroments:

Visual Studio 2015.
Visual Studio 2017.

Usage Examples.

#include "HashLib4CPP.h"

int main()
    IHash hash = HashLib4CPP::Crypto::CreateMD5();
    IHash clone = hash->Clone();

    IHMAC hmac = HashLib4CPP::HMAC::CreateHMAC(hash);

    IHashResult Result1 = hash->ComputeString("Hash");
    IHashResult Result2 = hmac->ComputeString("Hash");
    bool check = Result1->CompareTo(Result2);
    return 0;

Unit Tests:

To run the unit tests, you should have [boost library]( 
installed in your workstation.

For VisualStudio, set environment variable BOOST_ROOT to your boost root folder 
(where the binary is).


This "Software" is Licensed Under MIT License (MIT) .

Tip Jar

  • 💵 Bitcoin: 1Mcci95WffSJnV6PsYG7KD1af1gDfUvLe6


Special thanks to Xor-el for making this library available in the first place.


Comprehensive Hashing Library for C++ Compilers.