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This is our Arduino library to create your own GetInTouch gadgets for the GetInTouch Twitch Extension.
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GetInTouch is a Twitch Extension with which viewers of a streamer can control gadgets. To give you the opportunity to create your own cool (and unique) gadget for the GetInTouch Extension, we provide an Arduino library. This allows you to program your own gadgets. To use the Arduino as a GetInTouch gadget you'll need:

  • A Twitch account as a streamer
  • GetInTouch Extension on your Twitch dashboard
  • GetInTouch application and
  • An Arduino board connected to your PC (USB)

Further information on how to setup GetInTouch in general: Getting started

Information on how to use this library: Library documentation

Supported Arduino boards

The following Arduino boards are supported:

  • Arduino MEGA 2560
  • Arduino MEGA ADK
  • Arduino NANO
  • Arduino UNO
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