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Standalone Python library for generating ROS message and service data structures for various languages
Python EmberScript CMake
Latest commit 47fdb81 @dirk-thomas dirk-thomas remove wrong config
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cmake improve readability of error message
doc remove wrong config
scripts add check for changed message dependencies changed (fix #41)
src/genmsg Fix some more minor typos
test python 3 compatibility (undo 4527703#diff-b6effb935cd6db1e571a7690aa0…
.gitignore updated to latest catkin
CHANGELOG.rst 0.5.6
CMakeLists.txt refactor to generate pkg-msg-paths.cmake via configure_file() instead…
rosdoc.yaml Continuing cleanup and turned dir into a ROS package so that it can e… update setup() to use generate_distutils_setup
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