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* Correct simtime parameter name

Same as used in rclcpp currently and ros1

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* Move 'not real-time computing' higher up

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ROS 2.0 design

This repository is a Jekyll website hosted on Github Pages at

The repository/website is meant to be a point around which users can collaborate on the ROS 2.0 design efforts as well as capture those discussions for posterity.

The best mailing list for discussing these topics is You can view the archives here

Working Locally

You can run the site locally by running this command in this repository:

jekyll serve --watch --baseurl=''

And navgiating to your browser to:


Site Setup

Site is a Jekyll website with as the CNAME.

The site requires no static generation outside of github's static jekyll generation, which means that changes are published to the site as soon as they are pushed (can take up to 10 minutes for github to update the site).

The github login (for showing pull requests) also requires that is setup in heroku, and the url for that is Because of the free Heroku instance, the first time someone logins in after a period of time, there is a delay.