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This package provides the tools and instructions to use ROS2 on top of DDS-Security. The security feature is tested across platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows) as well as across different languages (C++ and Python).

Although we are designing SROS2 to work with any secure middleware, at the moment we are testing with RTI Connext Secure 5.3.1 and eProsima's Fast-RTPS 1.6.0. If you want to run the demo using RTI Connext Secure you will need a license for it and you will need to install it.

These Tutorials are written for the latest state of the repository. If you are using an older ROS 2 distribution please refer to the tutorials on the branch named after the distribution, e.g. for Crystal:

Try SROS2 on Linux

Try SROS2 on MacOS

Try SROS2 on Windows