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Unofficial mirror of Scala Vim support - With a few fixes added.

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From Stefan Matthias Aust's website (

* How to use it

The Vim editor ( can be customized using the
following two resources located either in your home directory or
in some system-specific directory:

    .vimrc  is the main configuration file; it should at least
            contain the command "syn on" to enable syntax

    .vim    is the Vim configuration directory; it contains scripts
            ( in predefined locations.
            The support files for Scala are contained in the three
            directories "indent", "syntax" and "ftdetect"; simply
            copy them to your Vim configuration directory.

Vim searchs for user-specific resources at the following locations:

    - under Linux, Solaris, etc. usually /home/<username>/.vimrc
    - under Mac OS X: /Users/<username>/.vimrc
    - under Windows:  %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\_vimrc

* Thanks

scala.vim was contributed by Stefan Matthias Aust (

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