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#Sublime Text 2 Package for Stata

Author: Ryan Powers --

Date: 27 July 2012

Keywords: Subime Text 2, Stata, Textmate Bundle, Port

##Summary This is a port of the Textmate Bundle for Stata. It relies mostly on the old code, but adds a build system for use in Sublime Text. The Textmate Bundle on which this package largely relies was originally written by Timothy Beatty and is now available from Dan Byler.

The package is currently for the OS X versions of Sublime Text 2 and Stata only.

This package is very young. There may be errors and/or bugs. Please let me know if/when you find them.

##Installation Copy the "Stata" directory to your Sublime Text 2 packages directly. Normally located at ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/.

Currently, the Package expects your installation of Stata to be named "Stata" -- not "StataSE", "StataMC", etc.

##Use All stata .do files will get more or less correct code highlighting. Command+B will run your whole file in Stata. If you'd like to run only a section, select the code you'd like to run and the choose "Run" from the "Tools" menu. I'm working on a keyboard shortcut for this. At the moment, the Run command does not have a default keyboard shortcut on OS X.


Sublime Text 2 Package for Stata


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