View and edit A and CNAME records in a local DNS server.
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A simple management interface for a single DNS server, built on Pyramid, Bootstrap 3, DataTables and dnspython. This has only been tested with BIND9, but should (in theory) support any DNS server that allows AXFR transfer queries.


Edit the self.bind9 assignment in bind9ui/ to point to your server and use the zone you want to manage. By default, these are and local. After that, you can run the app with Pyramid's pserve, or your production-ready server of choice. A sample pyramid.wsgi file is provided; edit the path to point to your installation if you decide to use that.


The app won't let you inject arbitrary record types (only A and CNAME are allowed), and has some naive limits on other fields, but that's about as far as it goes. There is no authentication, and it assumes that your DNS server allows AXFR requests from anyone. You should NOT be using this on a public-facing DNS server, or have the app itself where just anyone can get to it. Put it on a trusted intranet to get a pretty web interface for your local zone.


    for name, node in z.nodes.items():
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'z' referenced before assignment

This means the server you're trying to use either doesn't exist, or (perhaps more likely) doesn't allow zone transfers. This app was meant to be used with a local DNS server that you manage yourself (and can enable transfers for).