Configuration file changes in Bamboo Release 0.4.1

Meri Herrera edited this page May 7, 2018 · 3 revisions

We are polishing our configuration files, this time we took out some entries which were exclusive to the peer and put them in a more general context, i.e.:

  • peer.discovery.bind.ip is now bind.address, this the interface for binding peer discovery and the wire protocol as well
  • peer.listen.port is now peer.port, we took out the listen context to make the port a direct configuration of the peer
  • peer.external.ip is now public.ip, this is the IP/hostname broadcasted for discovery

Also we added the following configuration entries:

  • rpc.address, this is the binding interface for the rpc server
  • is the expected value in the Host header of an http request for RPC messages. This is mandatory whenever you use a wildcard in rpc.address

Take a look at the migration tool we've developed for easing this process

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