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Add API for managing aliases of `describe` #493

dchelimsky opened this Issue November 01, 2011 · 3 comments

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David Chelimsky Myron Marston Sam Goldman
David Chelimsky

rspec-core has configuration APIs for managing aliases for example (e.g. it) and shared_examples (e.g. it_behaves_like), but there is no such API for managing aliases for describe (which should be renamed to example_group and then aliased as describe and context).

As of 2.7, describe is available at all levels, but context is only available within an example group declaration.

I'd propose something along the lines of this:

RSpec.configure do |c|
  c.alias_example_group_to :describe, :top_level => true
  c.alias_example_group_to :context, :top_level => false

We should also be able to turn off all top-level names if we want, so users concerned with describe, context, et al bleeding into their code can say:

RSpec.describe Thing do
  it "does something"
Sam Goldman

Would this allow the aliases to define custom behavior? It doesn't look like it would be possible. I'm thinking along the lines of how capybara/rpsec adds metadata when defining it's feature method.

David Chelimsky

@samwgoldman - yes, that would be the idea. Otherwise it adds zero value over alias

Myron Marston myronmarston closed this November 01, 2011
Myron Marston myronmarston reopened this November 01, 2011
Myron Marston myronmarston closed this April 11, 2013
Myron Marston

Now that we have a PR (#870), I'm going to close this to focus discussion there.

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