Textmate bundle for RSpec.
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noniq Fix potential error when a spec fails without backtrace
The error could happen in projects using capybara-screenshot and a JavaScript driver like poltergeist: If a spec triggers an internal server error, it might have no backtrace associated, and then the formatter in capybara-screenshot would blow up because it doesn’t expect `#extra_failure_content` to return nil.

In RSpec’s HtmlFormatter (which is the “template” for our TextMateFormatter), `#extra_failure_content` always returns an array, even if there is no backtrace. So we should do the same.
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RSpec TextMate Bundle

This bundle works with TextMate 2 and RSpec 3. For TextMate 1 and/or RSpec 1 or 2 please use the legacy versions from the branches rspec1-textmate1 or rspec2, respectively.


Open up TextMate’s preferences, go to “Bundles” and make sure “RSpec” is checked.


See HELP.md


Parts of RSpec.tmbundle are based on Florian Weber's TDDMate.


The license of RSpec.tmbundle is the same as RSpec's.