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A collection of small jQuery trinkets
JavaScript CoffeeScript HTML CSS
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add alignment options with data-attribute data-fillsize_align
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cycler Cycler: Fix autostart.
ellipsify Update ellipsify.
ensurevisible Ensurevisible: allow offsets.
fadeonload Fadeonload: fix more edge cases with the reload and back buttons.
fillsize add alignment options with data-attribute data-fillsize_align
growl Update comments in growl/unorphan.
hidpi Hidpi: use this instead of window.
livenavigate JSHint.
micro_amd Microalmond.
nomobilescroll Update nomobilescroll.
paymentform Add paymentform.
placeholder_polyfill Placeholder polyfill.
preventoverscroll JSHint.
pseudoinput Pseudoinput: update to use delegates.
scrollmonitor Add scrollmonitor.
scrollstick Scrollstick: Remove console.log.
scrope Initial.
selecttrap Selecttrap: add support for mouseenter.
size_responder Update sizeresponder.
smartquotes Update smartquotes to fix code/pre issue.
sort Remove coffee version of sort.
timer JSHint and formatting.
uiscreen Add more stuff.
unorphan Unorphan: don't unorphan single words.
.gitignore Tests.
README.textile Add paymentform.
package.json Release v0.1.1


jQuery stuff

A grabbag of plugins I’ve written over the years

This is a humble repository of jQuery plugins that I’ve written for our projects. These are usually small plugins (<75 sloc).

If you’re to use any of these, I encourage you to just drop it into your project and maintain it yourself—I can’t claim maintain these in a backward-compatible manner.

These plugins make great ‘starting points’ for whatever you’ll need. Take them and modify them (or not) as you see fit.


These things are often basic features that most sites/webapps I work on need.

Anchorjump Make anchor links scroll smoothly
Autoexpand Makes text fields auto-size its height
ButtonLoading Show ‘loading…’ text on buttons
Console Shim * Makes `console.log()` silently fail if the browser doesn’t support it
Growl Lightweight notification library
MailcheckHint Simple one-shot integration with Kicksend Mailcheck
Paymentform Simple integration with jQuery.payment
Scrollagent Simple scrollspy implementation
Tabs Simple tab control
Toggleable Simple toggle menu helper
UIScreen Blacks out things
Unorphan Prevents text orphans

Quite useful

Still very useful in a lot of common cases, but not as common as the ones above.

Ajax Submit Submits a form via AJAX instead of a page load
Cycler * Cycles through a list (lightweight carousel/slideshow)
Ellipsify Truncates text with ellipses
Ensurevisible Scrolls a pane to reveal a given item
Fadeonload Fades images in on load
HiDPI Automatically uses 2x images for retina displays in images
NoMobileScroll Prevent document body scrolling on iOS apps
Prevent Overscroll Stop pages from scrolling when scrolling through a panel
Pseudoinput Highlight the container of inputs when they’re focused
Scrollstick Makes elements stick to the top when it’s outside the scroll viewport
Smartquotes Translates plain ASCII punctuation into typographic punctuation

Niche uses

Useful in some rarer cases.

SizeResponder Performs callbacks when the browser is resized to/from a given range
Fillsize Makes an element fill up its container
Sort Sorts DOM elements
Timer * General-purpose wrapper for setTimeout

Kinda deprecated / obsolete

I don’t find myself using these often anymore. Or, at all. But they work!

Livenavigate In-page navigation that doesn’t break the back button and actually changes the URL
Instance Lightweight views

* = no dependency on jQuery

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