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RStudio R Docker Images

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RStudio creates and distributes an opinionated set of R binaries for different Linux distributions. These Docker images are built to use those R binaries. The images are intentionally minimal, their primary purpose is to serve as the basis for other images requiring R.

For a quick way to get started with R or RStudio, refer to the Rocker project.

WARNING: These images are considered experimental, and may change. They should not be used for strictly reproducible environments (yet!).

Sample Usage

These images can be used to execute R:

docker run --rm -it rstudio/r-base:4.0-focal

These images can also be used as the basis for other custom images. To get started, use an image as the base in a Dockerfile:

FROM rstudio/r-base:4.0-focal

Releases and Tags

The images follow these tag patterns:

Pattern Example Description
rstudio/r-base:distro rstudio/r-base:centos8 Base operating system + system libraries required by R.
rstudio/r-base:x.y.z-distro rstudio/r-base:4.0.3-centos8 R version x.y.z on the specified OS
rstudio/r-base:x.y-distro rstudio/r-base:4.0-centos8 Latest R version x.y.z on the specified OS, where the patch version z floats over time. For example, if R 4.0.4 is released, rstudio/r-base:4.0-centos8 would switch from R 4.0.3 to R 4.0.4.

The following distributions are supported:

Distribution Full Name
xenial Ubuntu 16.04
bionic Ubuntu 18.04
focal Ubuntu 20.04
centos7 CentOS 7
centos8 CentOS 8
opensuse42 openSUSE 42.3
opensuse15 openSUSE 15.0
opensuse152 openSUSE 15.2

All minor versions of R since 3.1 are supported, on the latest patch release.

New versions of R are added when they're available on the RStudio CDN, though there may be some delay between the release of R and the release of the Docker image.

New operating systems are added on a less frequent basis.

What is R?

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. For more information:



RStudio does not provide professional support for these images or the R language. The best place to ask questions and provide feedback is the RStudio Community.


View license information for R.

Developer Resources

The following section contains information for those wishing to build these images themselves.

In general, the structure consists of the following:

  • base: Base images that start with a minimal OS and add the necessary system requirements required by R.
  • x.y: Images for each major.minor version of R. These images start from the base images and add R, copied from the RStudio CDN.

Building Images

# Build and test all images

# Build and test images for a specific R version
make VERSIONS=4.0

# Build and test images for a specific distro
make VARIANTS=focal

# Build a specific image
make build-4.0-focal
# Build a specific patch version
make build-4.0.3-focal

# Test a specific image
make test-4.0-focal
# Test a specific patch version
make test-4.0.3-focal

# Build and test all images, including historic patch versions

Updating Images

  1. Update and Makefile with the new distro or R version
  2. Update .circleci/config.yml
  3. Update
  4. Create a new /base//Dockerfile
  5. Generate new Dockerfiles:
    make update-all
    # Or, using Docker
    make update-all-docker
  6. Build and test the new images locally
  7. Submit a pull request

Rebuilding Images

Rebuild images when the R build has been updated but there are no Dockerfile or base image changes. This ignores the Docker cache and reinstalls R in the image.

# rebuild all images
make rebuild-all

# Rebuild a specific image.
make rebuild-3.4-xenial