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Patch tracker catchup #1

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jpgr87 commented Sep 15, 2010

I went through and applied some of the more recent patches that have been sitting on the patch tracker. I tried to keep each patch in its own commit to make it easier for you to cherry-pick changes, but towards the end the patches stopped applying cleanly and I'd have to fix some of the fuzz after I made the commit. This seemed like a good place to stop and send you a pull request; Stage builds, runs, and lots of bugs are fixed (notably the libstageplugin unsubscription/resubscription issues.) I'm still working through some of the older patches (restore bumper support, camera support in lsp, etc.,) but a lot of them need to be forward-ported to Stage 3.2. Seems as good a time as any to familiarize myself with Stage's inner workings.

I can take care of closing bugs on the patch tracker when they make it into the master branch.

Rich Mattes and others added some commits Jun 22, 2010
Rich Mattes Added -O2 CXXFLAG to Profile and Release builds 98260da
Rich Mattes Applied patch #3015671: ConsumeQueue does not check for empty queue 4a787b8
Rich Mattes Applied patch #3015678: Stage plugin interfaces: Unsubscribe from mod…
…el only once
Rich Mattes Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' 91979db
Rich Mattes Merged upstream changes 756c4d4
Rich Mattes Rejiggered 64-bit architecture detection: added the CMake option LIB_…
…SUFFIX to override lib/lib64 installation path autodetection. Specifying LIB_SUFFIX 'foo' will cause libraries to be installed to install_prefix/libfoo/
Rich Mattes Applied patch #3016030: Multiline Drawing for Player and Stage 30079dc
Rich Mattes Applied patch #2963966: Add ability to start up stage player plugin w…
…ithout opening the GUI
Rich Mattes Applied patch #2926679: Fix for Model::SetParent 250d5be
Rich Mattes Forgot to add part of patch #2926679 f816200
Rich Mattes Added workaround for compiling libstageplugin against versions of Pla…
…yer without PLAYER_GRAPHICS2D_CMD_MULTILINE. The multiline message was added in Player SVN leading up to version 3.1, this maintains compatibility for 3.0 and earlier.
Rich Mattes Applied patch #3026117: Position velocity fix 66367b5
Rich Mattes Applied patch #3026121: Actuator Array bug fix a80e464
Rich Mattes Applied patch #2887231: Fix to blockgroup size calc related to fiduci…
…al finder.
Rich Mattes Applied patch #3056946: Stage: Support for power interface c624f33
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Applied patch #2793940: Add bumper device to stage 5039425
rtv commented Nov 4, 2010

I'm trying to merge this change, and it's looking good, except libstage/model_bumper is missing - looks like you forgot to 'git add' it. Send me an email when it's there and I'll try again. cheers, - rtv

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