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I've fixed the issues that Marcin pointed out on the ps-users mailing list. I've also edited some of the documentation for the models to make them look a little nicer when doxygen parses the model options and descriptions. Finally, I've added smarter checking of where to install libraries (lib vs lib64) and added a LIB_SUFFIX option to make it easy to override with one option

jpgr87 added some commits Feb 3, 2011
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added wifi model 46f2bcc
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Just have to figure out the blocks mess... a384160
@jpgr87 jpgr87 It all compiles.... c9e3fef
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Moved p_wifi back to being a first class citizen f6c2836
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Mapping Player and Stage wifi structures 9351179
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Fixed up debug statements 5937316
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Merge branch 'upstream' into wifi 6f43427
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Build fix and documentation cleanup bdd8d55
@jpgr87 jpgr87 More documentation cleanup 35396d7
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added ifdefs so both the CAPABILTIES and CAPABILITIES requests work ee7c63e
@jpgr87 jpgr87 - Added check for redhat-like systems before installing libraries and
  headers to PRFIX/lib64 (looks for /etc/redhat-release)
- Made LIB_SUFFIX a separate variable - users can now override OS
  detection by specifiying -DLIB_SUFFIX="" or -DLIB_SUFFIX="64" on
  the command line.
- Re-enabled libstageplugin options
- Added the FLTK_LDFLAGS for stagebinary to Linux - it seems that
  apple has a problem with linking libraries twice, but many newer
  linux systems are now configured so they will not inherit the
  FLTK libraries that libstage was linked against.
@jpgr87 jpgr87 More documentation cleanup 38276cf
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Build fix and documentation cleanup b2d83f3
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Reverted accidental wifi update 56d92cc
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Better 64bit checking support 75d3d4a
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added localize and stage interfaces to stageplugin, cleaned up lsp do…
…cs a little bit
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Resolved build errors with XRegion 759adec
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added camera to libstageplugin 07f79eb
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Adding bumper model 417bb58
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added model_bumper 11e788f
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Fixed up debug statements

@jpgr87 jpgr87 Added bumper model to stage and libstageplugin
Tested bumper model with player plugin: visualization indicates when
bumpers are activated, and Player plugin reports 1/0 w.r.t. bumper
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Turn off DEBUG definition d13ca02
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Re-enable ctrl wander d7e8c88
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Merge branch 'wifi' into bugfix aafe7df
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Tested wifi interface with worlds/wifi/wifi.cfg & world, Player plugi…
…n and Stage interface are working
@jpgr87 jpgr87 Updated libstageplugin interfaces list 9a5e4d3

Any thoughts on this pull request?


Closing for now...reworking so changes apply cleanly to master

@jpgr87 jpgr87 closed this Nov 1, 2011
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