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A collection of simple Bash scripts
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A collection of simple Bash scripts.

Getting Started

  1. get a simple output
  2. execute more than one command in a script
  3. a simple but very much interactive script
  4. draw a diamond pattern with dots(.)
  5. read lines from a file using while loop
  6. display a menu for system information
  7. a repeated menu for system information
  8. print a spinner loader
  9. provide you with the output of several colours
  10. convert data either from the file or standard input to lowercase
  11. move up a directory in shell script
  12. list files in a directory
  13. create unique file/folder automatically with date and time stamp
  14. print ramdom emojis
  15. a simple pomodoro app written in bash


  1. compare two version number


  1. encrypt a file/folder with password
  2. archive a path into a file and encrypt the file
  3. check the weather in a specified location or using the geolocation of the ip address by default.

System Administration

  1. output a specified directory's size
  2. evaluate the status of a file/directory
  3. report server related information
  4. report if CPU usage exceeds the threshold
  5. check if the disk space crosses the limit
  6. gather information related to server
  7. backup a local file into a remote server


  1. perform addition of two numbers
  2. perform substraction of two numbers
  3. perform multiplication of two numbers
  4. perform division of two numbers
  5. a simple calculator
  6. print table of any number
  7. check if a number input from standard input is odd or even
  8. generate the factorial of a number
  9. check if a provided number is Armstrong or not
  10. check if a number is prime or not
  11. test if a number being entered is a Fibonacci or not
  12. convert Decimal Number to Binary
  13. convert Binary Number back to decimal
  14. convert Decimal Number to Hex
  15. Hex2Decimal: convert Hex number back to Decimal



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