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Renewed Tab

pipeline status website

A clean web browser "New Tab" / "Home page" page, created using TypeScript and React.

License: GPLv3 or later.



Renewed Tab has 3 components:

  • A web app, found at src/app. This is written using React, and uses some browser extension APIs when available.
  • An API/proxy server, found at src/server. This provides various APIs, and allows requests to be proxied to get around CORS. You can also use the production server if you're not changing any APIs.
  • A webext, found at src/webext. This contains the manifest.json, and will wrap the web app when compiled.


  • Node 16+ and NPM
  • SASS

Make sure to run npm install


Copy config.example.json to config.json.

(Optional) If you want to run a local API/proxy server, then you will need to:

  • Change API_URL and PROXY_URL in config.json to localhost:

     	"API_URL": "http://localhost:8000/api/",
     	"PROXY_URL": "http://localhost:8000/proxy/",
     	/* other settings here */
  • Configure some API keys if you want to use third-party services. These are optional, but will prevent some features from working.

    • The settings:
      • UNSPLASH_ACCESS_KEY: Unsplash
    • You can set the above server settings in config.json, or using environment variables (recommended for production).
  • You can also change other server settings in config.json:

    • PROXY_ALLOWED_HOSTS: Array of allowed host names.


Make sure to run npm install.

  • Web + server: npm start
  • Web only: npm run start:app
  • Web extension
    • Firefox: npm run start:firefox
    • Chrome: npm run start:chrome
    • Edge: npm run start:edge


Make sure to run npm install, and to set the NODE_ENV environment variable to production.

  • Web + server: npm run build
  • Web only: npm run build:app
  • Web extension: npm run package:webext

Also see .gitlab-ci.yml.

More documentation

See the docs folder.