PowerShell Module for Rubrik
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Community PowerShell Module for Rubrik

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This is a community project that provides a Microsoft PowerShell module for managing and monitoring Rubrik's Cloud Data Management fabric by way of published RESTful APIs. If you're looking to perform interactive automation, setting up scheduled tasks, leverage an orchestration engine, or need ad-hoc operations, this module is intended to be valuable to your needs.

Please visit the full documentation for more details.

Important Note

As we continue to improve our Community PowerShell module we have begun work on the next version of the module. As we are working on refactoring the module we will focus our attention on the refactor branch. As a result of this code rewrite we are focussed on the PowerShell-Module/Refactor branch. We do still take issues and pull requests but we are mostly focussed on bug fixes in the existing branch.

Moving forward

We will continue to support the issues and pull requests coming in, but for the 4.0 version of the module we will focus on bug fixes and security risks. New features and functionality will be implemented in the refactored 4.1 release of the module. If you have any questions in regards to this feel free to reach out to us.