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This contains a collection of plugins for the IkiWiki wiki engine (see

  • xslt - directive to process XML data file with XSLT and include result in page.

  • newpage - add a "create new page" field to actions.

  • pod - process files in POD format as ikiwiki pages.

  • field - front-end for per-page record fields.

  • ymlfront - back-end for per-page record fields; using YAML format.

  • getfield - query field values inside a page.

  • ftemplate - template using fields.

  • report - report using per-page record fields.

  • anypar - a versatile conditional header/footer/sidebar templater

  • belowme - a field variable which efficiently lists the pages 'below' (in subdirectories) the current page

  • concon - conditional configuration module

  • handytoc - a javascript-based table-of-contents module

  • jssearchfield - a javascript-based search of per-page record fields.

  • pmap - like "map", but pretty. Highly configurable list format based on HTML::LinkList