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Leaky gems advisory database
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Ruby Leaky Gems Database

The RubyMem Database is a community effort to compile all known memory leaks that are relevant to Ruby gems.

You can check your own Gemfile.locks against this database by using bundler-leak.

Support Ruby security!

Do you know about a known memory leak that isn't listed in this database? Open an issue, submit a PR, or use this form which will email the maintainers.

Directory Structure

The database is a list of directories that match the names of Ruby libraries on Within each directory are one or more files for the Ruby library. These files can be named however you want, in this example it is named after the PR number in github.



Each file contains the information in YAML format: --- gem: celluloid url: title: Memory Leak using Celluloid::Future date: 2015-08-31 description: | The Celluloid::Group::Spawner appears to never clean up the completed Threads that it creates. leaky_versions: - "> 0.16.0, < 0.17.2" patched_versions: - ">= 0.17.3"


  • gem [String]: Name of the affected gem.
  • framework [String] (optional): Name of the framework which the affected gem belongs to.
  • platform [String] (optional): If this vulnerability is platform-specific, name of platform this vulnerability affects (e.g. jruby)
  • url [String]: The URL to the full advisory.
  • title [String]: The title of the advisory or individual vulnerability.
  • date [Date]: The public disclosure date of the advisory.
  • description [String]: One or more paragraphs describing the vulnerability.
  • leaky_versions [String]: The version requirement of the gem with a known memory leak.
  • unaffected_versions [Array<String>] (optional): The version requirements for the unaffected versions of the Ruby library.
  • patched_versions [Array<String>]: The version requirements for the patched versions of the Ruby library.


Prior to submitting a pull request, run the tests:

bundle install
bundle exec rspec


Please see

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