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A validator for syndicated feeds. It works with Atom, RSS feeds as well as OPML and KML formats.
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Latest commit 2f1e18b @rubys Merge pull request #4 from josephw/xhtml-div-checking
Check the namespace for divs in XHTML content.
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css RSS Profile 1.06: & to signal a 'real' ampersand.
docs-xml Treat unsupported namespaces differently from unknown ones.
docs Treat unsupported namespaces differently from unknown ones.
images add Rogers' icon
news Fix typo
src Warn doubly for a non-XHTML-namespaced div.
templates One Click Feed Validation for Firefox
testcases Test that the div in XHTML content is in the correct namespace.
.gitignore Ignore *.pyc
.htaccess Tweak DNS name
LICENSE Change license to MIT
README Note that the validator no longer runs under Python 2.2.x.
RSSValidator.wsdl Initial revision
about.html Atom no longer is merely for early adopters
alt-banners.html Initial revision
check.cgi Don't try so hard to find feeds fcgi adaptation: HTTP_HOST
favicon.ico Green version of favicon Remove trailing whitespace from lines. Remove trailing whitespace from lines.
index.cgi Commit 'shim' enabling Andrew's mod_python implementation to be run as
register.html Clarify that the firefox instructions are above the page, not on the … Include more tests in
terms.html Initial revision
time.cgi Add a Z


Some tests, and some functionality, will not be enabled unless a full set
of 32-bit character encodings are available through Python.

The package 'iconvcodec' provides the necessary codecs, if your underlying
operating system supports them. Its web page is at
<>, and a range of packages are

Python 2.3.x is required, for its Unicode support.
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