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The Ruby Library
    as a Library

Library is library management system for Ruby. More specifically, it is a reformulation and partial-reimplementation of Ruby's load system. At it's core, the Library class is the objectification of a location in the file system from which Ruby scripts can be required. It is accompanied by a Library::Ledger which tracks a set such locations, and makes them available via Ruby's standard require and load methods. Unlike Ruby's built-in load system, Library supports versioning and it does all this in a way that is both easily customizable and fast.

Combined with some supporting functionality, this bestows a variety of useful possibilities to Ruby developers:

  • Work with libraries in an object-oriented manner.
  • Develop interdependent projects in real time without installs or vendoring.
  • Create isolated library environments based on project requirements.
  • Nullify the need for per-project gemsets and multiple copies of the same gem.
  • Access libraries anywhere; there is no special "home" path they must reside.
  • Can also serve gem installed libraries as easily as any others.


Because there is fair amount of information to cover this section will refer you to the project wiki pages for instruction. Most users can follow the Quick Start Guide. For more detailed instruction on how setup Library and get the most out select from the following links:


Library started out as a project called "ROLL", which stood for Ruby Objectified Library Ledger. Create in 2006, it was RubyForge project #1004. She's actually been around a while! Over the years the code has gone through several rewrites, but has always remained in service as a development tool. So, on the whole, the underlying functionality is in good working order. However, the system is still undergoing some refinement --as one can imagine, it is not the easiest type of library to write or maintain. So some things are still subject to change.


Library is copyrighted open source software.

Copyright (c) 2006 Rubyworks. All rights reserved.

It can be modified and redistributable in accordance with the BSD-2-Clause license.

See the LICENSE.txt file details.