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#-*- mode:org; mode:visual-line; coding:utf-8; -*- codepad.el — Emacs integration for


Codepad is a pastebin where you can paste code and share it on a chat or via email. Codepad also provides an online compiler/interpreter and can run your programs online.

emacs-codepad provides an Emacs integration for Codepad. Currently you can use it to paste your code to and fetch code from Codepad.

Contributors are welcome!

codepad.el is based on gist.el which was written by Christian Neukirchen and others. codepad.el is written by Rüdiger Sonderfeld. You can contact me via E-Mail:

Thanks to Thomas Weidner <> for his patches and help. Thanks to Lorenzo Villani <> for fixing the “error in process filter: Symbol’s value as variable is void: url-max-redirections” issue.


Codepad was developed for Emacs 23.1+. codepad.el has problems with older versions of Emacs (url.el)! If codepad.el won’t work please upgrade your Emacs.

Installation is straight forward:

Add the following lines to your ~/.emacs:

(add-to-list 'load-path "PATH") ;; replace PATH with the path to codepad.el
(autoload 'codepad-paste-region "codepad" "Paste region to" t)
(autoload 'codepad-paste-buffer "codepad" "Paste buffer to" t)
(autoload 'codepad-fetch-code "codepad" "Fetch code from" t)

Restart Emacs (or evaluate those lines) and you can use codepad.el by calling M-x codepad-paste-region to paste the current selected region or M-x codepad-paste-buffer to paste the current selected buffer.

You can configure codepad.el by calling M-x customize-group codepad.

Codepad.el is also available via el-get and it is currently part of Gentoo’s Emacs Overlays.


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