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Rumprun Build Status

This repository uses rump kernels to provide the Rumprun unikernel. Rumprun works on not only on hypervisors such as KVM and Xen, but also on bare metal. Rumprun can be used with or without a POSIX'y interface. The former allows existing, unmodified POSIX applications to run out-of-the-box, while the latter allows building highly customized solutions with minimal footprints.

The Rumprun unikernel supports applications written in, for example but not limited to: C, C++, Erlang, Go, Java, Javascript (node.js), Python, Ruby and Rust.

You will find ready-made software packages for Rumprun from the rumprun-packages repository. Some examples of software available from there includes LevelDB, Memcached, nanomsg, Nginx and Redis. See the packages repository for further details.

See the wiki for more information and instructions. You may also want to watch video tutorials in the Rumprun unikernel video series.

Note: some of our tools will throw a warning about them being experimental. It does not mean that they are not expected to produce a working result, just that the usage is not necessarily final. The wiki explains further.


The hardware (``hw'') platform is meant for embedded systems and the cloud. It works on raw hardware, but also supports virtio drivers and KVM. For a demonstration, see this youtube video where the hw platform is booted on a laptop and plays audio using the PCI hdaudio drivers. The supported CPU architectures are x86_32, x86_64 and ARM.


The Xen platform is optimized for running on top of the Xen hypervisor as a paravirtualized guest, and provides support for virtualization functions not available on the hw platform. The Xen platform will work both against the xl tools and the Amazon EC2 cloud. The supported CPU architectures are x86_32 and x86_64.


The Rumprun unikernel and toolchain for various platforms







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