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Mirror of NetBSD sources useful with rump kernels
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Note: Unless you are a developer integrating rump kernels into your project, there should be no reason to be here.

This repository contains a git mirror of NetBSD source code relevant to rump kernels. There are three basic, non-overlapping branches:

  • kernel-src: rump kernel components and build tools
  • user-src: selection of NetBSD userspace sources for providing a POSIX-y interface on top of a rump kernel
  • posix-src: support for running rump kernels on POSIX-y platforms

For most projects, any of the above branches are not useful alone, so we provide merged versions:

  • buildrump-src: kernel+posix, what wants in POSIX mode
  • appstack-src: kernel+user, useful for e.g. unikernels
  • all-src: kernel+user+posix

Note, this repository is a mirror of NetBSD sources, so patches will not be accepted. Either submit patches directly to NetBSD via the problem report web page or to the rumpkernel-users mailing list.

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