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jQuery Typeahead

The jQuery Typeahead plugin provides autocomplete preview on search inputs similar to google search with builtin options and deep customization. It is a simple clientside library that will improve the user experience on your website search input!

The jQuery Typeahead plugin is released under the MIT License.

The complete documentation, demo and further instructions can be found at


npm install jquery-typeahead


yarn add jquery-typeahead


You can find the complete documentation on


Version Notes

Pull Requests

Please consider these points before creating a new pull request

  • Pull request should be made from develop to develop branch so it can be tested properly and not be directly available to download on the master. The master branch should be a copy of the latest released tag without any additional new code that has not been released
  • Add a descriptive note along with the PR and examples
  • Only submit the changed lines and not the whole file(s)
  • Follow the same coding conversions