Gedit configuration for Rust
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Add extern keyword back.

Rust for GEdit

Add syntax highlighting for Mozilla Rust in GtkSourceView (used by GEdit).

Instructions for Ubuntu Linux 12.04+

  1. Close all instances of GEdit

  2. Copy the included "share" folder into "~/.local/"

  3. Open a shell in "~/.local/share/" and run "update-mime-database mime"

Instructions for other GNU/Linux distributions

  1. Close all instances of GEdit

  2. Obtain super-user access

  3. Copy the rust.lang file and place it in /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/language-specs/

Example (after extracting the to the ~/Downloads directory):

sudo mv /Downloads/gedit-config/share/gtksourceview-3.0/language-specs/rust.lang /usr/share/gtksourceview-3.0/language-specs/


Rust is primarily distributed under the terms of both the MIT license and the Apache License (Version 2.0), with portions covered by various BSD-like licenses.

See LICENSE-APACHE, and LICENSE-MIT for details.