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Generate release notes for "The Rust Programming Language"
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relnotes: Generate release notes for "The Rust Programming Language"

This utility pulls all pull requests made against rust-lang/rust and rust-lang/cargo within the latest release cycle and prints out a markdown document containing all the pull requests, categorised into their respective sections where possible, and prints the document to stdout.


relnotes uses the GitHub API to generate the release notes, as such you need a valid GitHub API key. relnotes will look for GITHUB_API_KEY in the environment and use that key when sending requests.

small warning: relnotes makes a lot of requests as GitHub only allows you to look at 100 PRs in a single page. It is not recommended to call relnotes multiple times as you can hit the GitHub's rate limit quite easily. Please refer to GitHub's Rate Limit documentation for more information.


version_number is the version number of the rust release. e.g. 1.28.0

cargo run --release <version_number> >
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