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glutin - OpenGL, UTilities, and INput

A low-level library for OpenGL context creation.

glutin = "0.31.3"

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Usage Examples

Warning: These are examples for master. You can find examples for the latest released version here.

The examples use gl_generator to generate OpenGL bindings.

Try it!

git clone
cd glutin
cargo run --example window


Glutin is an OpenGL context creation library, and doesn't directly provide OpenGL bindings for you.

For examples, please look here.

Note that glutin aims at being a low-level brick in your rendering infrastructure. You are encouraged to write another layer of abstraction between glutin and your application.

Glutin follows winit's MSRV policy.

Platform-specific notes


Be sure to handle Android's lifecycle correctly when using a winit window by only creating a GL surface after winit raises Event::Resumed, and destroy it again upon receiving Event::Suspended. See this in action in the example.

To compile and run the Android example on your device, install cargo-apk and start the app using:

$ cargo apk r -p glutin_examples --example android