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glutin - OpenGL, UTilities and INput

A low-level library for OpenGL context creation, written in pure Rust.

glutin = "0.24"


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Usage Examples

Warning: these are examples for master. For the latest released version, 0.23, view here.

Try it!

git clone
cd glutin
cargo run --example window

Common issues

Please refer to


Glutin is an OpenGL context creation library and doesn't directly provide OpenGL bindings for you.

For examples, please look here.

Note that glutin aims at being a low-level brick in your rendering infrastructure. You are encouraged to write another layer of abstraction between glutin and your application.

Glutin is only officially supported on the latest stable version of the Rust compiler.

Platform-specific notes


To compile the examples for android, you have to use the cargo apk utility.

See the android-rs-glue repository for instructions.

Emscripten with asmjs

Emscripten support has been deprecated in favor of platforms like stdweb. To get an OpenGL context on these platforms, please use crates like glow instead.


The plan is that glutin tries to dynamically link-to and use Wayland w/EGL if possible. If it doesn't work, it will try Xlib w/GLX follow by Xlib w/EGL instead. This is work-in-progress.


Due to an issue with how Mesa and Wayland play together, all shared contexts must use the same events pool as each other.


A low-level library for OpenGL context creation, written in pure Rust.





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