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SKILSTAK Beginner Boosts


Copyright (c) 2022 Robert S. Muhlestein Content released under the Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) Code released under the Apache 2.0

Contributors and project participants implicitly accept the Developer Certificate of Authenticity (DCO).

“Beginner Boost” and “Boost” are legal trademarks of Robert S. Muhlestein but can be used freely to refer to the this project without limitation. To avoid potential developer confusion, intentionally using these trademarks to refer to other projects — free or proprietary — is prohibited.

The reason for “no derivatives” CC requirement is to preserve the consistency of opinions throughout the content since attribution is required. Without it, forks with changed opinions and resource listings could be purposefully or accidentally taken as the opinions of the original author. This is simply too dangerous to allow. The “no derivatives” clause protects against the inevitable “consensus” problem that plagues community-created content. That said, please reach out by email if you have questions about contributing and collaborating.