3rd party add ons

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Assists in configuring a full authentication/authorization solution with devise, cancan and roles.

Includes a 'config' generator for configuring your application with a specific 'role strategy'. A handful of role strategies are included. The gem encapsulates a handful of individual gems that work with devise and cancan that aim to make them more powerful and easier to configure.

See http://github.com/kristianmandrup/cream

Cancan Permits

Adds the concept of Permits and Licenses to CanCan.


  • cancan:permits - for creating permits for one or more roles.
  • cancan:licenses - for creating licenses that can be reused across multiple permits.

A License encapsulates a small set of permission logic such as 'user_administration' or 'blog_maintenance' etc.

See http://github.com/kristianmandrup/cancan-permits

For demo application, see https://github.com/kristianmandrup/cancan-permits-demo

Cancan REST links

Adds some convenience view and controller helpers to encapsulate usage of cancan links for the REST actions: create, read, update, delete.


Draper with Cancan

Draper-CanCan adds a few simple methods to your decorators to make it easier to work with cancan