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Multiple can definitions (from 1.3)

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Multiple can definitions

It is now possible to specify multiple can and cannot definitions with hashes and have it properly translate to a single SQL query.

# in Ability
can :manage, User, :id => 1
can :manage, User, :manager_id => 1
cannot :manage, User, :self_managed => true

When using accessible_by in the controller it will translate to SQL conditions that look like this.

not (self_managed = 't') AND ((manager_id = 1) OR (id = 1))

Also this change introduced little backward incompatibility issue. For example, if you had

can :manage, User, :id =>
can :assign_roles, User do

and then you called can? :assign_roles, some_user it evaluated to false when current_user is not admin cause it stopped searching on can :assign_roles, User.

Now it evaluates to true when current_user == some_user because it falls back to can :manage, User, :id => .

Proper can definition should be now:

can :manage, User, :id =>
cannot :assign_roles, User
can :assign_roles, User if user.admin?

And perhaps, good taste could be

if user.admin?
  can :manage, User
  can :manage, User, :id =>
  cannot :assign_roles, User

which is also backward compatible.

Special thanks to funny-falcon for this feature.

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