Ability for Other Users

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What if you want to determine the abilities of a User record that is not the current_user? Maybe we want to see if another user can update an article.

some_user.ability.can? :update, @article

You can easily add an ability method in the User model.

def ability
  @ability ||= Ability.new(self)

I also recommend adding delegation so can? can be called directly from the user.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  delegate :can?, :cannot?, :to => :ability
  # ...

some_user.can? :update, @article

Finally, if you're using this approach, it's best to override the current_ability method in the ApplicationController so it uses the same method.

def current_ability

The downside of this approach is that Accessing Request Data is not as easy, so it depends on the needs of your application.

A different approach is taken by cantango a gem that builds on top of cancan, and exposes methods such as #user_can? and #admin_can? for each devise user. These methods wrap the #current_[user_type] methods exposed by devise.