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Google Client library for use with ProcessWire 3.x
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Google Client and Calendar modules

About these modules

This package includes two modules: GoogleClientAPI and MarkupGoogleCalendar. The GoogleClientAPI is the driver here, while the MarkupGoogleCalendar module is here to serve as a demonstration of GoogleClientAPI. The GoogleClientAPI module must be installed and configured before using the MarkupGoogleCalendar module.

These modules are also created as a demonstration for installation of modules via Composer. In this case, the modules require installation via Composer because of external dependencies available through Packagist, though we'll be adding support for other installation methods soon.


  • ProcessWire 3.0.10 or newer
  • PHP 5.4 or newer
  • Composer

Google Client API module


In your ProcessWire installation root execute the following command from the terminal:

composer require processwire/google-client-api

Login to your ProcessWire admin and go to: Modules > Refresh. Click "Install" next to the Google Client API module (which should appear on the "Site" tab).

The module now needs to be connected with a Google account. Full instructions on how to do this will be posted shortly at

Markup Google Calendar module

Renders a calendar with data from google. This module demonstrates use of and requires the GoogleClientAPI module, which must be installed and configured prior to using this module.

See the _mgc-event.php file which is what handles the output markup. You should copy this file to /site/templates/_mgc-event.php and modify it as you see fit. If you do not copy to your /site/templates/ directory then it will use the default one in the module directory.

Please note that all render methods cache output by default for 1 hour. You can change this by adjusting the $cacheExpire property of the module.


$cal = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleCalendar');
$cal->calendarID = 'your-calendar-id'; // Your Google Calendar ID (default=primary)
$cal->cacheExpire = 3600; // how many seconds to cache output (default=3600)
$cal->maxResults = 100; // maximum number of results to render (default=100)

// use any one of the following
echo $cal->renderMonth(); // render events for this month
echo $cal->renderMonth($month, $year); // render events for given month
echo $cal->renderDay(); // render events for today
echo $cal->renderDay($day, $month, $year); // render events for given day
echo $cal->renderUpcoming(10); // render next 10 upcoming events
echo $cal->renderRange($timeMin, $timeMax); // render events between given min/max dates/times

More details and options can be found in the phpdoc comments for each of the above mentioned methods.

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