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React Router Example: Server Rendering Lazy Routes

React Router has two great features that seem like they might not work well together: server side rendering and code splitting.

This minimal demo shows how to get the benefits of server rendering and partial app loading with lazy routes and webpack's code splitting.


npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:5000

How it works

  1. Webpack's require.ensure defines code splitting points in the app.
  2. We polyfill require.ensure for node to just do a normal require.
  3. The server renders the app with match and the stateless <RoutingContext/>.
  4. When the client JavaScript loads, we use match to trigger the split code to load before rendering. If we didn't do that, then the first render would be null and not reuse the server rendered markup.
  5. We render on the client.
  6. We raise our arms in the air in triumph.