Display test coverage generated by lcov and xml - works with many languages
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Coverage Gutters features watch

  • Supports any language as long as you can generate an lcov style coverage file
  • Extensive logging and insight into operations via the output logs
  • Multi coverage file support for both xml and lcov
  • Coverage caching layer makes for speedy rendering even in large files
  • Relative coverage file resolution for those with complex file paths
  • Preview coverage reports inside the editor
  • Huge amount of workspace settings to customize the features to your liking
  • Colour compatibility with light and dark themes

Common Commands

Watch (activated via command palette or shortcut icon on the status bar): Activating watch allows the extension to keep track of coverage changes and update it's cache. It also will automatically apply coverage to a file if some exists.

Display (activated via command palette or shortcut key): Displays coverage for the current activate file only, does not update if the coverage files change.

Preview Report (activated via command palette): Shows you a html preview of your coverage reports in your editor.

Officially Supported Languages (Backed by tests ran nightly)

See examples directory on how to setup a project.

Tips and Tricks

Using Breakpoints: Currently to both use the extension and code debugging breakpoints you need to disable the gutter coverage and enable the line coverage via the settings ( coverage-gutters.showGutterCoverage and coverage-gutters.showLineCoverage respectively).


  • vscode 1.27.0 and up
  • macos, linux or windows

Extension Settings

See extension setting options in IDE.

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