[DEAD] A simple, single threaded WebSocket server
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WSServer a simple, single threaded WebSocket server

Important note!

This project is now dead. I did have the intention to further develop it, but I no longer have enough time and I also found another way to achieve the goal of bridging WebSocket with ZeroMQ, which was the reason why I started this. I'll use Tornado + TornadIO as described here: http://code.saghul.net/a-zeromq-to-websocket-gateway-take-2


WSServer is a really simple (it does not yet implement all WS variants) WebSocket server which runs in a single thread.

I needed a single threaded WebSocket server implementation and couldn't find any that could quite fit so I wrote my own (sort of) by looking at other WS server implementations. In order to multiplex all the connections it uses poll.

Python version compatibility

WSServer was developed and tested with Python 2.6. It will not work on Python 2.5. Support for Python 3 has not been tested.

Just give me an example

Have a look at the test/ directory.

What's missing?

See the TODO file.

Can I help?

Sure! Check the TODO file. Implement something. Fork this project. Send a pull request :-)