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Experimental programming language for my Spring 2019 Independent Study.
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The Sailfishc Compiler

sailfish jumping

The Sailfish programming language is an experimental project I am undertaking during my Junior Spring as part of my compiler independent study under Professor Dale Skrien at Colby College. This is by no means something that should ever be used for anything that touches production. This is a toy language (and my first time really using C++). Sailfishc may break, has no garauntees of being backwards compatible, and at any time may go unmaintained. That being said, if you're also a student or programming language enthusiast and want to work on something fun/cool, open an issue, or fork this repo. Let's have some fun!


For now, you can either build from source:

  1. clone this repo
  2. cd sailfishc
  3. make
  4. ./sailfishc

Or use the install script here.

The Manual

To get started and learn more about Sailfish and Sailfishc, I would reccomend checking out the Manual.

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