Vault Forge sample that gets an Inventor Assembly or Part from Vault and renders it using the Viewer
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Vault Forge sample that gets an Inventor Assembly or Part from Vault, uploads it to a bucket and renders it using the Viewer.

This an updated version of the previous VaultBrowserSample_Forge_Demo.

Some key highlights of this example:

-- This example does a read only sign-in into Vault, hence does not consume a Vault License.

-- Is not really based off the Vault Browser sample in the SDK, contains lesser code.

-- No longer uses Apprentice Server so no need to have Inventor View / Inventor installed.

-- You will need to change the code so that it logs into your Vault. (Line #19 in Program.cs).

-- The example creates the following 3 folders in the user's temp directory:

  • Vault_Forge_Downloaded_Files
  • Vault_Forge_Files_To_Upload
  • Vault_Forge_zip


In order to use this sample you need Autodesk developer credentials. Visit the Forge Developer Portal, sign up for an account, then create an app.


This sample is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file for full details.