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A simple OpenZWave Network Sniffer written in Python 3 that logs to an output file in CSV format
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OpenZWave Sensor Sniffer in Python 3

This program initializes the ZWave Network, logging any and all value refreshes received to the file output.csv -- this includes sensor readings and other updates.


Ubuntu (also Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu)

Note: if you do not already have Windows Subsystem for Linux, follow the installation guide provided by Microsoft

  • ./
  • ./


  • ./


  • ./ <optional port name, defaults to /dev/ttyACM0 for Linux>


  • Just do ctrl+C once, it will stop itself.


What should the port name be?

Let # as used below be the port number of the ZWave Stick.

Windows Subsystem for Linux with Ubuntu

It should be COM# in Windows and /dev/ttyS# in Ubuntu. You can try figure out what # is by opening Device Manager and looking at the USB devices list, then trying each with ./ /dev/ttyS# until it works. If you get an error message that permission is denied, run ./ /dev/tty/S#.


It should be /dev/ttyUSB#, you can also try each one until you get it right.

Any other Linux system

It should be /dev/ttyACM#, you may need permission to read/write to the port. In that case, run ./ /dev/ttyACM# or use the indefinite version.

Is it relatively safe to delete all the files that seem to be generated (i.e. pyozw.sqlite) when I run the sniffer?

Yes, just make sure you stop the sniffer first. Use

Error in manager callback: KeyError: 'valueid'

If you're seeing this, there was an error in configuring the network properly. It's best to re-download/re-clone this repo and run it from there, or alternatively delete all the new files.

Stuck in state "Topology loaded"

This has happened to me several times -- usually, the issue is that you're running the network for the first time and the stick is waiting for something (not sure what). The solution tends to be to press the button on each of the sensors once.

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