Devpy is a set of tools to ease Python development, providing automatic logging
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Devpy is a set of tools to ease Python development.


pip install devpy

Quick demo

Devpy provides a quick dev setup for logging that you can replace later by a more robust solution:

import devpy.develop as log'This is an info')
log.warning('This is a warning')
log.error('This is an error')
log.critical('This is a critical error')'Now let me crash the program. This stack trace is automatically in the log file:')

import codecs'/thisdoesnotexist')

This gives:



Setting up proper logging is tedious, so you may want to do it later, but you wish you could get basic logging right away:

import devpy

# Get a logger that automatically logs to console and a rotating file
# The rotating file is setup in the temp directory of your system, in
# a subdir named after your script name.
# Logs are colored in the console according to their level.
# The file path is printed at the beginning of the program.

log = devpy.autolog() # log is a regular stdlib logger object

# start logging:'Yes')

Once you have time to setup logging seriously, you can just replace the autolog with a regular custom Python logger, and all your logs will still work.

Setting the environment variable DEVPY_LOG_LEVEL to an integer or a level name (debug, info, error, warning, critical...) will set the autolog log to it.

Setting the environment variable DEVPY_COLOR_LOG to 0 disables log highlighting.

autolog parameters:

  • level (default=-1): the general log level
  • name (defaul=name of the root module): the name of the log file
  • path (default=OS temp dir + name): path to the log file
  • log_on_crash (default=True): add a hook to log the stack trace in case of a crash
  • log_filename (default=True): log log file path at the program start
  • color_log (default=True): add colors to the log

Stacktrace helper

Format the stack trace so that:

  • it separates the various logicial blocs
  • it emphasizes the lines of your program and not the stdlib
  • lines of your program are syntax highlighted

Just do:

import devpy

All helpers at once

Two ways:

import devpy
log = devpy.dev_mode()  # can set color_traceback=True, autolog=True

# or just
# import devpy.develop as log
# for a one liner to activate it all