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Releases: samstyle/Xpeccy


26 Dec 15:41
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Fix some bugs on the latest breakpoints changes

build 20231224

24 Dec 13:01
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Some improvements to breakpoints

build 20231130

30 Nov 21:24
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Accumulate all updates from the last build


19 Feb 16:18
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  • deBUGa: CMOS dump
  • deBUGa: refactor breakpoint dialog
  • Options: ROMs can be sorted in subdirs inside /roms directory, QComboBox in romset dialog will show directory tree
  • fix RZX playback (but you need proper ROM for ROM-depending games)


31 Dec 12:07
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New Year Build


20 Jul 14:19
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  • Improve sound buffer filling
  • Add numpad keys for MacOSX
  • deBUGa: fix CPU register corruption
  • deBUGa: add 'accumulate T' checkbox. T-counter will not be reset each step
  • deBUGa: append scrollbar to disasm and dump views
  • deBUGa: append ascii field to fdd dump
  • NES: fix broken timings
  • NES PPU color tint bits


03 Jul 16:42
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  • Fix GeneralSound interrupts
  • Improve keymap file (you can chose up to 7 keys in row: CSz4 or C2)
  • Ability to map pc keys to joystick (JU/JD/JR/JL/JF/J2/J3/J4 in keymap file)
  • Init gamepad-to-key repeat interval
  • deBUGa: fix palette applying
  • Respect SDL1/SDL2 audio differences


19 Jun 20:12
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  • Fix GS addr bus check
  • Fix ULA+ writing
  • Options: improve PSG freq selector
  • deBUGa: fix label naming. First char must be letter or _
  • deBUGa: disasm: @Label instead of address will jump to label, but will not create new one if label isn't existing
  • Add labels list in deBUGa (Tools->Labels list or disasm context menu)
  • Customize DB and DW directives in deBUGa (Options->Xpeccy->deBUGa)
  • Font selection for deBUGa (Options->Xpeccy->deBUGa)


10 Jun 15:54
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  • Fix tape player
  • Fix screen layout editor
  • Fix keyboard & joystick leds
  • Fix contended memory [ZX]
  • Fix RAW files naming [Windows]
  • Fix filenames when it was loaded from command line parameters
  • Fix Z80 iowr timings
  • Fix deBUGa T-counter
  • Add 'confirm on exit' option
  • Add numlock keys to mapping
  • Add boot on hobeta loading [ZX]
  • Add raw files loading to disk through button in options window [change filter for this]
  • Improve frame T-counter. Now it is more accurate
  • Temporary breakpoints is deleting now on deBUGa start
  • Ask if disk must be formated [TRDOS only] on creating new floppy disk
  • Sort layouts list


07 Apr 19:04
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  • Fix ZX48 TRDOS work
  • Add breakpoints with address range (for cpu adr bus memrq)