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Providing examples for parameterized tests in C++
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To compile and run your tests, you you will need:

  • make, cmake and a C++ compiler (like gcc) is installed on your system and is in the PATH
  • The GTest framework in the directory gtest.

More Verbose Instructions

Create a clone of both parameterizedTestExamplesCpp and googletest in a directory we'll call ${ROOT_INSTALL_DIR}:

git clone
git clone

Make googletest by running make in subfolder googletest/googletest/make:

cd googletest/googletest/make

Create a softlink in the parameterizedTestExamplesCpp clone pointing at the googletest code:

cd ${ROOT_INSTALL_DIR}/parameterizedTestExamplesCpp
ln -s ${ROOT_INSTALL_DIR}/googletest/googletest gtest

Make the parameterizedTestExamplesCpp:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" ..

Then you should be able to run the tests:


If you have been successful, then you should see all the tests passing.

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