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The Transglobal Candy Store

A frontend example in Vue.js and Nuxt.js for the e-commerce schema

🔗 Read the blog post

Short animated preview of the app

Quickstart on local

# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
$ npm run dev


  • Make sure you are running on http://localhost:3000. If not sanity and snipcart will fail due to CORS origins.
  • Vue.js requires a recent Node version so if it fails on startup you might need an upgrade.

Using your own data

You're about five minutes away from running this example with your own data. You'll need to set up a Sanity studio for this so:

  • If you don't have Sanity CLI version 0.130.0 or later, install or upgrade it with npm install -g @sanity/cli
  • Initialize a new project with sanity init and select the e-commerce schema
  • sanity start will start your studio and let you start adding your products!
  • Go to sanity.json and locate your projectId and dataset

Head back to this project and in sanity.js change the projectId and dataset values to the ones you found above


  • Remember to add CORS (ex. http://localhost:3000 to run locally)
  • You can sanity deploy your editor to share it with others

Install your own snipcart

Build production server or static project

# build for production and launch server
$ npm run build
$ npm start

# generate static project
$ npm run generate

If you want to host this on Netlify, as a static build, follow these steps while switching out the generate command above and changing the output directory from out to dist. Note: Nuxt is intended to run as a universal/isomorphic app and will make calls to the Sanity CDN.

The queries are by default limited to 100 items. This project is just an example, but it is possible to expand it with pagination or forever-scroll. To get more items, just add ex [0..1000] to the end of your query

For detailed explanations on how Nuxt.js work, checkout the Nuxt.js docs.


The Transglobal Candy Store: Sample front-end for the e-commerce schema with vue.js, nuxt.js, and snipcart




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